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She was laughing loudly, screaming, and cheering; I could hear her clear across the house. In another room. With the door closed.

I emerged from my home office wondering what the heck was so funny, thinking it was probably something I’d done. She was sitting at the kitchen counter, in her pink bathrobe, her laptop open to a Zoom call.

Okay, not laughing at me. This is a good thing. But she was having entirely too much fun for a work-related video chat. So, I totally BOMBED that thing.

I leaned in, stood a moment staring silently at the screen…

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Do you wake in the middle of the night in the middle of this political chaos?

I’ve recently focused on a better sleep routine for myself.

I was already working from home for several years before COVID-19 hit the planet. Pandemic work at home norms didn’t have any different effect on my life. My business suffered — I’m a small business financing consultant — and we found ourselves on March 18th creating a “pivot” for our business. My partner, Linda, and I have no choice. We work for ourselves. …

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“Think of this as an art installation experience,” I said.

She laughed.

I was standing in the living room while she worked on her laptop on the sofa. I was eating cold pizza from the night before; this would serve as breakfast for my day. I barely moved as I chomped large bites out of the perfectly thin-crusted slightly burned pizza slice.

It’s Sunday, a good day for doing absolutely nothing. Unless you have your own financial services business; in that case, you pretty much work seven days a week. Finding a few minutes to destroy two slices of cold…

Sad African American woman with face mask sitting on the floor
Sad African American woman with face mask sitting on the floor
Accept the COVID-19 pandemic for what it is. (Source: AdobeStock)

The phrase, “…for after the pandemic” inspired this article.

My fellow MEDIUM writer Jennifer Russell’s most excellent and humorous article had me chuckling this morning. Buried in her piece was that phrase. I won’t lie, I lifted it to use as the starting point for this article. For that, Jennifer, I am very grateful.

“For after the pandemic.”

As if this is happening anytime soon, an ending to COVID-19, to the misery, to the “new” normal.

Manage expectations, in your own mind and for those who you hold most dear. This thing ain’t ending anytime soon. Period. When it does…

Illustrations of raised fists, a Black person and a White person embracing, a crying Black man, Black Lives Matter
Illustrations of raised fists, a Black person and a White person embracing, a crying Black man, Black Lives Matter
Time To Change: Black Lives Matter (Licensed via AdobeStock)

At this moment in time you must say these words: “Black Lives Matter” if you truly believe ALL lives matter. TODAY is the moment to embrace this idea, to shout it from the rooftops, to participate in helping one group of people to achieve full equity and liberty, to make your peace with your fellow citizens.

Instead, you say “ALL lives matter.”

Show us. Please, demonstrate with crystal clarity how much you believe that “all” lives matter. Because, for all your loud remonstrations, I don’t believe a damned word you say. I don’t believe that you own the concept in…

Two coffee cups on a circular tabletop in a mostly empty cafe
Two coffee cups on a circular tabletop in a mostly empty cafe
Remember Normal? (Photo AdobeStock)

Grabbed the coffee this morning, stirred in my oat milk and crashed in front of my laptop with A photo staring back at me from my computer screen caused me to put the coffee cup down on my desk with a thud. No coffee, yet, only awe.

Call me dumbstruck, because that’s what I am as I write these words. I mean, shocked, dumbfounded, and yes, more than a little sad. All because of a photograph in this morning’s newspaper featuring the Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern.

My hands aren’t trembling, though they should be. I’m not…

Twin Towers and lower Manhattan. Licensed through Adobe Stock
Twin Towers and lower Manhattan. Licensed through Adobe Stock

It rained last night here in Connecticut. I live in a small rural town almost 100 miles from Manhattan. Still, I’m reminded this morning of that terrible blue sky morning 19 years ago. I remember exactly where I was when the first plane went into the North Tower of The World Trade Center at 8:46 a.m.

I was sitting in my car listening to NPR’s Morning Edition on the radio, drinking coffee, marking time before going to a meeting at an Attorney’s office. The radio report blanked out with dead air; I found myself being annoyed about the interruption as…


While I’m probably considerably older than many of the other writers and readers here on Medium, I don’t consider myself “old.”

It’s all about context, right? My age within the context of the environment in which I find myself. Alright, alright, now that we look at it that way, specifically in the context of Medium, then, okay, yes, I’m old.

I don’t feel “old” at all. I’m certainly wiser than I was at 29 years old, 39 and 49. I probably can’t do some of the physical things I could do at those milestone points in time. But I feel…

Difficulty. Challenges. Obstacles.

Why not simple, straightforward, easy?

Why do humans make things so difficult? Is this some kind of natural human condition? As if the Universe doesn’t send enough nonsense our way to break up our days and our lives with challenges. Why must humans seek out the difficult way of living.

Specifically, why do so many people challenge the liberty of differences amongst their fellow humans?

Why are people so obtuse, obnoxious, arrogant and downright violent in their challenges to the idea that we are all human, we are all different, we all deserve the freedom to live…


I live in New England and we were having dinner in the neighboring town where our office is located.

We’d worked all day and decided to treat ourselves to dinner out. The weather was comfortable, although a bit sultry as it was supposed to rain, and we sat at a table on an outdoor patio eating good Italian food. This town has the idyllic New England village green surrounded by Town Hall, old Victorian homes, restaurants and other businesses. There’s a gazebo and every Saturday morning a Farmer’s Market at 8 a.m.

And, yes, there are somewhat famous paintings of…

Trevor Anthony

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