Trevor Baumann



The amount of pollution in the air is ridiculous. Not only in the United States, but all over the world. In addition, the rate of rising global warming is even more ridiculous. Every year things seem to only get worse. Some people still don’t even believe that Global Warming is real or that it is actually happening. Many people like to refer to global warming as climate change. This is a more realistic way of looking at it. One of the current myths regarding pollution and climate change is that the main cause of this is from carbon emissions.

Carbon emissions do cause quite a bit of problems for the environment. This is one of the most abundant greenhouse gases in the air. This is not the only thing causing problems though. Most people think carbon is the big problem because it is the most talked about greenhouse gas and it is widely known that carbon emissions are bad for the environment and cause climate change. In addition, many people already know where some carbon comes from. The origins and effects of carbon are very widely known to the world.

Carbon emissions mostly come from burning fossil fuels like coal or gas. Every time we drive a car, we release CO2 into the atmosphere. The same thing happens every time someone burns coal or oil. CO2 is also released when trees and forests are burned down. The CO2 that gets released is trapped in the atmosphere for years before going away. This traps heat in the atmosphere causing climate change and global warming. One of the reasons why CO2 is considered worse is because it is the most abundant gas in the air and it also takes the longest to go away.

CO2 has the worst reputation, and for good reason. However, something that most people don’t know enough about is methane. In comparison to CO2, methane is far more potent of a heat trapping gas. Methane is not looked at very closely because the amount of methane in the atmosphere makes up only a small portion compared to CO2. Methane is not nearly as abundant as CO2, but it can be regulated much more. One of the biggest causes of methane is the decomposition of food in landfills. The amount of Methane in the air could be greatly reduced by recycling and composting food scraps properly. CO2 is much less manageable but can still be regulated with less use of fossil fuels and reduce the impact on the environment.