Why I blog.

One of the writers I most admire is George Orwell whom I revere for many reasons but the dominant one being his unflinching personal honesty. In fact I was prompted to write this article after mulling over an article by Orwell in which he examined the reasons why he wrote. He readily confessed in that piece that sheer vanity underlay his decision to take up writing in the first place and I must confess that I share that weakness. In saying this I readily concede that I am no George Orwell -he was much more intelligent than I am and besides he was one the finest political journalists of his day whereas although I have an abiding interest in politics it is not nearly as all consuming as my hero’s. I also greatly admire the clarity of Orwell’s work and his obvious loathing of pretentiousness in all its forms. His greatest achievement (I think ) was to address complex issues and write about them in a style which rendered them intelligible to ordinary Joes like me.

My own goals, then, are necessarily different but my great hope is that I have at least absorbed enough of the lessons Orwell left behind to bring a little credibility to my own outpourings. So then let’s set all modesty to one side and state one of the reasons I write is simply that I can; that is I think I do it tolerably well. I’m aware that others do it better but when I look at the work of some of my peers think I am not so bad after all. I am not nearly so cocky that I can not see the inherent dangers of making such a statement but another quality I admire in writers is fearlessness. This is no business for the hesitant, I’m sure. What I want to write about most of all is my own relationship with the world simply because it is the only subject on which I am allowed an insider’s view. My task as I see it is to address certain subjects which either entertain me., interest me or in many cases disturb me. I’d like to write with honesty and candour about my doubts, insecurities and hopes and much else besides. Whether I do it well or not remains to be seen but those are my areas of interest and to that end I direct my attention. Onwards (and downwards perhaps) but it’s a bit late to stop now as another of my heroes put it.

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