Keeping Up with CareDrop

Trevor Carlson

Greetings! Welcome to my first CareDrop post. Let me bring you up to speed. CareDrop is the world’s first cloud-based platform to support local caregivers. We are creating software for caregivers, but CareDrop is so much more. Right now, there are around 65 MILLION nonprofessional caregivers in the United States and that number is expected to double in the next 10–15 years. That means 1 in 3 people could benefit from CareDrop.

What is a nonprofessional caregiver? I could be one and so could you. A caregiver is anyone who could be tasked with helping a loved one with his/her daily living activities such as eating or bathing. Right now, there are very few resources out there for people doing the caregiving.

We have 90 days to build a product to solve a problem facing nonprofessional caregivers: the lack of support available to a growing number of ordinary people trying to care for a loved one.

Getting Caught Up

Three weeks ago, I received a call from Eric Engelmann. He said he had a crazy idea; he wanted to know if I wanted to take CareDrop through the Iowa Startup Accelerator. I had two things to say: Tell me more about CareDrop, and yes of course. 48 hours later I had a moving van packed up in Cedar Falls and was on the way to Cedar Rapids for my new journey. I have no background in health care and I am brand new to the project. The only thing that I knew for sure was that this is a far-reaching problem and I wanted to help. There are members of my family who are caregivers and have been in the past and I would really like to do everything I can to help.

So where did CareDrop come from?

CareDrop was pitched by Kathy Good at Startup Weekend Cedar Rapids less than a year ago. She is a former caregiver; Kathy cared for her husband, David, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s nearly a decade ago. She knows what it is like to be a caregiver and decided to do something to improve the lives of caregivers everywhere. CareDrop did a great job at Startup Weekend, earning 2nd place and People’s Choice. It was then taken through Venture School by a team of amazing people including David Sturtz, Judy Goldburg, Janice Charles, and Laura Sagers. . They took what they learned from Venture School and have a Family Caregiver Center in progress through Mercy in Cedar Rapids today.

The Accelerator

Since joining the Iowa Startup Accelerator, I have received a crash course in the health care industry, learned about caregiving, met the awesome teams of the 2015 Cohort, and gotten to know some amazing mentors. Eric and a freelancer named Conner have even built a prototype of the onboarding process for new caregivers in the system. Needless to say, it has been a crazy couple of weeks so far. David Tominsky and Eric Engelmann have done a fantastic job making a worthwhile program and I look forward to continuing the process over the next few weeks.

Reaching Out

If you work in the health care industry regarding nonprofessional caregivers or have been a caregiver in the past please reach out.

You can reach me at:

Twitter: @trevorcarlson4



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