Lessons from the Graveyard Book

This weekend, I checked out the Graveyard Book by Neil Gaimon at the recommendation of the Tim Ferriss show.

I spent the first 80% of the book enjoying the story but wondering why it had been so highly recommended.

Why was the story of a boy raised in a graveyard by ghosts so important?

Then in the closing chapters, I got it.

At the end of the book, the boy, Nobody Owens, is leaving his home at the graveyard to explore the rest of the world.

The people of the cemetery where nobody grew up are long dead and have lived their lives already.

It is time for the hero of the story to live his life.

“Sleep my baby boy,
Sleep until you waken,
When you wake you’ll see the world If I’m not mistaken…
Kiss a lover, dance a measure,
Find your name, and buried treasure…
Face your life,
Its pain, its pleasure,
Leave no path untaken.”

It is an old lesson in a new story.

The time comes for those to shape the world into the place they would like it to be.

Go out into the world.

Create your own life.

Be the hero of your story.

Make mistakes and get back up.

Those who raised you have already lived their lives.

Now…it is your turn.

Good luck :)

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