What is life full of?

What are you focused on in life?

Not sure if words or scribbles….

What is life full of?

Whether you are attempting to outrun the Galactic Empire on Jakku or you want to get a better job in your field, the answer will be different for everyone.

As I was journaling this morning, I found myself thinking of stress.

I wondered why I was so worried about things I a) had no control over or b) were extremely small in the grand scheme of things.

This reminded me of a drawing my friend, Gabe Erickson, drew for me when I was venting about something in the past. (maybe the election results?) See amazing drawing above, yes to answer your question I’m the modern day Jackson Pollock with a pen.

Our lives are full of a lot of things.

Some amazing!

Some….not so much.

While stressing, I tend to get caught up on focusing on the one or two things (see bubbles in cave drawing above) that aren’t going absolutely perfect.

In the words of the great hip hop philosopher Lil Yachty, “You got so much more to appreciate, man.”

Next time you find yourself stressing, take a second to draw out circles and write out something that is important to you in your life in each one.

Yes, I recommend circles or squares…or whatever shapes you enjoy. Just do it..

After you’ve made a large enough map with all of important bits in each one, go through and highlight all of the ones that are going your way.



Did you notice the difference?

I’ve noticed that my biggest stressors tend to not even show up on the map.

Feels good once things are put into perspective right?

How do you manage your perception of stress?

Until next time.

Trevor Carlson

Below average salsa dancer, poor man’s yogi, meditate sometimes, and founder of Helix Academy