Anticipating My Time At SXSW

While I am at South By Southwest I am hoping to see a lot of artists. My dream artists that I would love to be surprised by are Alabama Shakes, Lady Gaga, Frank Ocean, Bon Iver, and James Blake. The artists that I know will be there that I am excited to see are Cindy Wilson, Temples, Mick Fleetwood, Communist Daughter, SOHN, Young M.A., Jeremy Messersmith, PWR BTTM, The Accidentals, Hippo Campus, Rainbow Kitten Surprise, and Marah and the Mainsail. I would love to see self love, activism, and righteousness in performances and events. With where the times are, artist need to use their craft to inspire others to respect themselves and others. Questions I want to ask artists at South By Southwest are:

  • Who are your inspirations?
  • What were some of the main steps that lead you to your success?
  • How do you plan to gain more success?
  • (for songwriters) What is your songwriting method?
  • (for songwriters) How much does production play into your songwriting/ performance?
  • Do you recommend signing to a label?
  • How do you give back to the community/ world using your craft?
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