At McNally Smith College of Music, where I study Music Composition/ Songwriting, I had the opportunity to sign up for the South By Southwest class lead by Scott LeGere. From a band leader’s perspective, songwriter, entrepreneur, human rights activist, and being apart of generation Z I want to learn how my community and nation are growing. I don’t believe I would have better opportunities anywhere else right now. The whole reason I decided to attend McNally Smith was to receive opportunities. My whole entire career goal is basic; use my craft to save the world by spreading love, peace, and respect. I have learned so much these past 3 years at McNally Smith. I have gained a better grasp on myself, helping me connect to my consciousness to express my internal thought into my music and lyrics, I have learned how to talk to people to gain better opportunities for myself and others, and I have become a leader. My goals now are to continue to succeed in the music scene, and give my band opportunities we have always dreamed of. By going to South By Southwest, I can interact with professionals and ask for advice and guidance, network for my band, experience acts and take elements that I like from performances and work them into my own performance, learn how to give back to to community, and do my part as a citizen to help save my fellow people.

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