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How your portfolio companies can continue to “build” despite the macroeconomic challenges of the era

“In wartime, by contrast, the company typically has a single bullet in the chamber and must, at all costs, hit the target. The company’s survival in wartime depends upon strict adherence and alignment to the mission.”

— Ben Horowitz

For the past several weeks across VC Twitter, much has been written and much pontificating has been done about what it means to be a “wartime CEO.” The question isn’t complex. Most businesses in this era of uncertainty have a singular mandate: survive.

Though the execution is difficult, the objective is crystal clear right?

Maybe… but maybe not. While ultimate survival is certainly the first order objective, smart leaders are looking further. They’re asking themselves “how does my company not only survive, but thrive and maybe even grow despite the uncertainty?” They’ve acknowledged the systemic risks, but they’re also looking to see where there may be opportunity. The macro economy has given us all lemons. Smart leaders are asking themselves how to make lemonade. …

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Why? Because we’re building a consulting firm that YOU are going to be the star of. That’s why.

Here’s the idea at a 50k ft level

We’re building a consulting firm focused on NoCode development that allows businesses to run faster, leaner, and more profitably.

First, Some Context

As a Founder, I’ve personally experienced the power NoCode tools have had on my ability to build products, empower services, and run my business efficiently. To be able to build things that were once just imagined ideas is akin to the power of the world you unlock when you learn to read. It’s transformative.

While the ability to “build” is powerful and alluring to many of us (including Marc Andreessen), the problem is that doing all that building still requires the investment of time — often a lot of time — and for many of the organizations now adopting NoCode tools, they prefer to invest capital instead of time. …

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Through a lot of personal experience and observation, I see a paradigm shift happening right now of how and where people are choosing to live.


  1. We live in a mobile society
  2. Design is really important.
  3. Population growth is in cities.
  4. Minimalism is growing in popularity.
  5. Everything is a service.
  6. Experiences are more important than stuff.

I haven’t just observed these changes from a spectator’s seat, I’ve lived through each of them, and I believe these changes represent an amazing opportunity to transform the way we live for the better. …


Trevor Goss

CEO of Moovin. Partner @Version1g. Worked on Varsidee. Into great design, football, and the beach.

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