The Forward/Story Incident

“Grant felt a chill and thought, “he’s hunting us.”
This monkey has probably seen Jurassic Park. This is also pretty much what looked like with my Dad when I saw Jurassic Park.
Image by Rodrigo Paulicchi
A really simplified map of a lot of mangrove forests, bumpy roads, frothy wounds, and what might not actually be basilisk lizards.
“Welcome… to (the opening part on the mainland with people getting attacked by lizards of) Jurassic Park!
Our “Visitors Center” at the Harmony Villa in Nosara. Sadly, no Mr. DNA yet — I’m going to work on that.
Final night at F/S, leaving messages in a bottle for the sea… hopefully it’ll be washed out to “an island off the coast of Costa Rica”
  • Translates to Sarcasm Island, no kidding




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Trevor Haldenby

Trevor Haldenby

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