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I believe that we create our own opportunities. We create our opportunities if we work hard on it. Determination will bring us close to the opportunities.

To me, there is an opportunity in our everyday lives which brings us closer to our goal.

People often say that opportunity is given, but they tend to forget that it can be created through our own hard work

Sometimes opportunity might not be as big as you can imagine. It is those small opportunities as part of the routine of our daily lives which potentially can land us in bigger opportunities.

Everyone stands a chance for opportunities and it is us who create our opportunities. …

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Being optimistic

Positive thinking is indeed helpful in all ways, be it at work or off work. As human, it is almost a nature instinct for us to think about the worst consequence first. Our brain tends to ask all the ‘what if’.

Yes, we have to consider about all the possibilities but what is the percentage of this worst scenario likely to take place? 1%? 2%? or 3%? Why do we have to focus on the smaller number? Why not we choose to focus on the larger number instead?

Life is just short and full of excitement. A positive thinking could lead us to many successes. No matter how things take place, life still goes on. Not matter how bad is the day, there are only 24 hours. The better days are waiting for you. …

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