A unique alternative to Sunrise’s integrations

If you’re one of those people who loved Sunrise due to it’s integrations, this article is for you.

Being able to see tasks from Todoist (for example) in your calendar, proved to be very very useful. There is something very powerful about visualizing your tasks in the timeframe of your day. You see the bigger picture of your day, you are prepared, you are focused, your mind is calm. But most importantly you have made the decision to do it. It is no longer just a task in your endless lists — it is a decision written in time to do X.

Sunrise’s approach required you to manually add a due date to every single Todoist task in order to see it in your calendar. What if there was a better way?

What if you could take a task and drop it right onto your daily calendar, with one simple gesture?

Here’s how it would look:

Just drag & drop a task, such as “Freelance”, into your calendar, to schedule it. Scheduling it automatically keeps both the Todoist task and the associated calendar event in sync. You could even complete that task right from your calendar and it will update in Todoist.

Let’s take it up a notch

Scheduling tasks from Todoist is great, but most of us have task lists in more than one To-do and project management app at once.

What if you could integrate all of your task lists and simply…

The Sunrise alternative I’m talking about is called Trevor AI — a personal assistant that helps you manage your time in a mindful way.

At the early stage it is in, you can think if it as a calendar that helps you get your tasks done. It is available on iPhone and iPad, it integrates with iOS Reminders and Todoist, with new integrations every month.

With Trevor you can schedule everything you need to get done, right into your calendar, helping you track both time and progress. All the benefits of Time management, on top of your task management workflow.

In it’s upcoming release Trevor will provide you with analytics on how you spend your time, and use cognitive technologies to suggest improvements to your schedule or even make one for you.

I encourage you to invest a minute to check it out. It might save you many many more in the future.

Video Demo: www.trevorai.com

Get it free on the App Store: http://apple.co/1Og0DlH

Have a mindful day.

-George, Founder