Is there a True Meaning to Manhood?

This type of topic was discussed in my fellowship meeting last Friday

During my regular LED fellowship meetings, I didn’t know that I would be discussing about the meaning of manhood. The entire LED fellowship divided into two groups, men and women. All of the males went into a separate room and we discussed about what it means to become a man and the development of manhood. One of the members introduced the group to this video of a pastor that was in a church setting that was full of grownup men. The pastor began the meeting speaking about what does it take to become a man and the development of manhood with a chart. The chart outlined the developmental process of a little boy growing up to become a young adult and then a full grown up man. However, the pastor forgot to compare how the development of manhood was compared to what God specified in the Bible, which got lots of people in the fellowship confused about why that was left out from the beginning of the video. We all realized that we only watched the beginning portion of the video and there was more information that we could have gathered, however time was the main factor that night. Everyone in the group agreed that Christianity should have been a factor in the pastor’s sermon when he was discussing about the meaning of manhood. The meaning of manhood and what it means to become a real man in any type of setting is unknown. I really liked how the pastor mentioned that most grown up men keep acting like little boys instead of acting like real men, no matter the situation or setting.

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