My Perspective of the movie “Arrival”

I was really fascinated by this 8 Academy Award winning movie

As I was watching this mesmerizing movie on my MacBook one night, I just thought “this is going to be another Alien movie. However, I was wrong and the film’s storyline changed my perspective dramatically compared to other Alien flicks. The main storyline amazed me how a Linguistics professor named Dr. Louise Banks was teaching her students at a public university. Then twelve alien ships landed on Earth for no apparent reason, but to create a worldwide scare probably for an alien invasion. Then, the professor is joined with a scientist and a team of other people who are in hopes of deciphering the alien’s language to determine their main purpose in landing on Earth.

My Thoughts about “Arrival”

I was amazed to learn about the alien’s language and how Dr. Louise and her partner were able to decipher the alien’s language. When Dr. Louise was taken to the alien’s ship, I thought she was going to dissected by the aliens and then killed. What I thought was truly amazing was how the seven limb alien was able to communicate with Dr. Louise and also able to understand the actual English language. I believe the aspect of linguistics and it’s ability to decipher another language was the main factors in this movie. Dr. Louise was able to comprehend their main purpose of why they landed on Earth, however she wanted to learn more information from the aliens. I was just amazed about the entire storyline and how Linguistics and the foundation of humanity were important factors in this movie. I was really glad this particular movie was nominated for 8 Academy Awards and I congratulate the cast for their hard work.

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