My Review of “Passengers”

I was amazed at the storyline of this movie and how two passengers were able to overcome the struggle of separation from humanity.

As I was watching the beginning of this movie, I didn’t realize that the main character (Jake) was the first passenger onboard a space ship was the first to wake up from hybernating in a tube for millions of years. Once the storyline progressed, I was able to realize that Jake was away from all of society and woke up on a spaceship that was traveling to a brand new Earth known as Homeland. Jake then enters into an isolation type of mode due to the lack of socialization from humanity and trapped in one single social space with a limited amount of people. However, the isolation came to an end until he became bored out of his mind and wanted to wake up a beautiful girl that was sleeping in her capsule. The two of them were unsure about each other once they finally met, however their relationship grew instantly. When their relationship was progressing during the storyline, Jake accidentally spilled the beans about waking Aurora just to hopefully have a companion during a date onboard the spaceship. However, that incident caused some tension among the passengers, which eventually led them to work together to repair the ship and save all of the hybernating passengers. I really liked how the storyline was able to develop a meaningful relationship of only two passengers who didn’t know much about each other, while expressing several themes during the movie. I’m glad this film was nominated for an Academy Award and the art directors won an award for producing this fantastic love story in space.

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