“Remember” The Journey of My Mind

This particular movie portrayed how one man carried out the orders of a handicapped senior citizen.

During one Saturday morning while eating Swedish pancakes at my writing tutor’s house in West Linn, she mentioned to me a movie she and her husband previously watched together at home. The movie she was describing was known as “Remember”, which was awarded for 17 nominations and 3 wins during multiple award ceremonies worldwide in 2015 and 2016.

As I was watching this movie, I was particularly confused in terms of how one man struggling with dementia was carrying out the orders of an elderly man in a wheelchair. When the movie progressed, I realized how revenge, identity loss and the buildup/construction of Zev’s character were portrayed during the entire movie. It was interesting to see the development of Zev’s character progress throughout the movie, including traveling throughout the U.S. to discover the man responsible for murdering his family during the Holocaust. I was questioning myself when he revealed his identity as an elderly Jewish man when he was socializing with the state police officer and viewing some Nazi artifacts from the Holocaust, including the Nazi officer soldier suit. What I really enjoyed about this particular movie is how with every single state Zev visits, there are supporting characters that support him on his journey to discover the actual individual who was responsible for murdering his family during the Holocaust. I was shocked when Zev unveiled his true identity to a former Nazi officer that was responsible for the horrific events at Auschitwz, Germany. I believe this movie has it’s own ability to provide some suspense, theories, doubts and question how one man choose to carry out a simple duty to uncover his own past.