This is quite the reach.
Jeff Ward

As a civilized discussion of truly trying to gain perspective and genuine intrigue (not debate or rights and wrongs) I would gladly express personal experience and insight as a bi-racial white/black American male. To hopefully help give further clarity to this entire notion.

None of which is aimed personally at you or even myself and my family members nor does any of this make all white Americans out to be evil blatant racist. It’s simply unconscious misconceptions.

Misconceptions which come from unintentionally embedded perspectives. Perspectives that you nor I or any non-whitesupermacist American is at fault for unawarely having towards the black community or culture.

Taking responsibility in changing this for our future generations is not admitting to blatant racism or racist guilt. It’s simply understanding and compassion of humankind. Feeling guilt is honestly pointless in solving the situation anyways.

Anyways, I offer my hand with the most friendly and best of intentions for innocent yet meaningful discussion with the hopes to provide sincere clarity. Opening up is purely up to you. Best wishes to you either way.

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