It is unfathomable to me on how many trolls are coming out of the woodwork in the midst of the…
Molly S. Hill

As a man it is quite sickening to see how many men are jumping to defend against Justin or play off “rape culture” as some “stupid feminist” idea to “attack men”. Even worse, defending aspects of the case for the rapist Brock Turner.

Alcohol is not an excuse, that is the most irritating cliche to me because I have encountered quite a few drunkenly unconscious women while being heavily intoxicated myself. The first thought in my head is to make sure they make it home safely (I’d do the same for a guy as well). There is nothing that makes rape more “tempting” when you drink. It shouldn’t be tempting at all.

Dudes, check your “ego” and “pride” at the door and actually contemplate the words you are visually digesting. I myself in my younger and unaware days have been a part of the issue by validating male peers for their “accomplishments”. I never stood for “slut-shaming”, but that does not make up for anything. I am not defensive about admitting it because when I was confronted with the negative consequences my actions may have encouraged and became more aware of changing my actions after taking time to actually contemplate the issue.

Even your smallest actions can have the largest ripple effects which you cannot take back, but you can become conscious and accept change. It won’t hurt you either way, but not doing so may end up hurting someone else or even someone you love. No man is some perfect “knight in shining armor” because we all have some dirt on our armor, so don’t go around acting like yours shines flawlessly.

The great grandparents of my grandparents were considered 3/5ths a person because cultural behaviors and mindsets are a tedious progression through generations. Just keep advocating so our future generations can look back in horror about the struggle with rape culture as I have with my ancestors struggle. We will change.

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