Gun laws in America have so many loopholes anyone can get one with little effort.
Akin Sawyerr

At the same time you have Mexico. Strict no gun laws, yet a higher death count caused by gun violence. The wrong people have access to guns there. Yes, in other countries they do fine without guns. I am not sure if they have as big of a gang problem in those countries as we do here.

Most of the gangs are just a group of unorganized street kids that aren’t a massive threat to society as a whole. However, there are some pretty serious, well organized, methodical, brutal, and tactical oriented crime organizations that can bring forth a living hell on society and law enforcement given the chance.

There are quite a few stories I have heard about such sophisticated crime organizations in which many of our law enforcement were on their payroll. Those are just the exposed ones. If they can corrupt the way cartels have in Mexico then citizens will have no power and it could become a massive power trip for rival gangs leading to massive innocent bloodshed.

If most citizens shoot back, it would be too much to take on uncorrupted law enforcement and citizen militias. That is a major deterrent for crime to spread in some areas of a region or city/town. This may sound farfetched or looney, but that is exactly how countries like Mexico came to be, so it is plausible.

I doubt America would ever get to the extent Mexico has, but I see a very possible scenario of massive bloodshed in some regions of America if guns are taken away. I have no problem with reasonable measures put into place to try and deter gun violence. It will take years of test trials to figure out what policies work and how to make them the most effective and I am willing to go through that (give they’re reasonable policies).

However, I can’t support a no gun law until it is absolutely impossible for any more guns to be created and all guns are destroyed. I doubt that’ll ever happen and I don’t trust only one group of humans with the having that power over everyone (law enforcement, military, etc). Humans can be corrupted, so don’t give away the only fighting chance citizens have.

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