It’s an interesting dilemma.

Depends on the creators interpretation of the film. If they’re trying to make a “classic” western or, most obviously, a non-fictionally based interpretation then the audience has a fair point in expecting something closer to “reality.”

On the complete opposite side of that spectrum, you have Django Unchained or even The Wild Wild West, with Will Smith, where any audience member is expecting a “realistic” take of the old west or typical western characters then they need to slap some sense into themselves and not watch it.

There’s movies made for the audience then there are those created for the audience that enjoys the creators creative style and mind. The latter could give a shit about what the overall audience thinks, though they are rare to find anymore (at least in major featured films).

I personally enjoy watching a film at least make an attempt to have some unique originality to it, if at the least, I respect it for trying. Unless of course it’s a historical or factually based movie then they best be careful not to venture too far.

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