Despite my usual rationality, every picture I see of a young, healthy male “migrant” or “refugee…
Taylor Owens

Fighting with what? Sticks and stones? The leaders of ISIS are quite aware of military strategies. Unfortunately the leaders are not dumb even though their ideologies and opinions say otherwise, but they have mastered the knowledge of exploiting social psychology for their own benefit, effectively creating major global turmoil, and causing mass amounts of damages and casualties while sustaining minimal losses of their own.

You think they wouldn’t effectively know how to dismantle and suppress the populace hindering any chance for the mass organizing and supplying needed for a rebellion? Unless the American government has a hand in creating a rebellion and at this point resistance is nothing more than a glorified suicide.

I am sure many young men would rather not die in vain and actually be useful to their family by helping and supporting elder and younger family members to live a peaceful life as possible. I honestly would completely agree with you if there were slightly different circumstances.

Like the major advantage we have in America, if something like in Syria were to happen here, would be the millions of citizens who are already armed with (hopefully) proper training in handling and discharging of firearms. There would be a great chance for us to actually have a successful force of resistance. Many of us gun owners have multiple weapons and surplus ammo, so we could supply as well as train others how to safely handle a firearm and proper techniques for target accuracy.

Of course many armed Americans have actual training and experience in military-style tactics to properly train a militia into an organized military force. Obviously effective mass communication must be established to organize a successful fighting military force, but even having to encounter local militias every step of the way could still be enough to defeat an enemy. Almost all the other countries make it nearly or completely impossible for citizens to have any access or means to even touch a gun.

Definitely makes a huge difference in having the vast amount of access to firearms that we do and gives us no reason to not put up a reasonable fight. If you and your countrymen have access to proper supplies and equipment along with seasoned veterans willing to train and lead counter-forces then you better damn well put up a fucking fight before depending on another country to take care of you.

I think that if you’re not willing to help your country when you have the opportunity to do so then you should not expect any country to be willing to help you. As glorified, poetic, and honorable it is for someone to die trying to defend their country it’s also just as irrational and illogical to do so if dying is the guaranteed outcome. Honorable yet it’s so stupid for a Syrian to try and fight a well armed and organized fighting force with their bare hands.

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