This is too great.
Chris Cook

Haha thank you for the appreciation and feel free to make it into a template! Whatever gets the point across, right?

I usually respond with less (a lot less) sarcasm because I truly believe and support members of society to have opposing views even to mine. The variety of perspectives and free-thoughts is what evolves society to a well-functioning and advanced undogmatic society.

I respect and take any response seriously that I find engaging, is logically thought out, and/or especially presents me with personally new perspective points that allows myself to broaden my worldview as I internally reflect on it.

No matter what they are persuading for or against I will treat those responses with the same level of careful thought and hopefully with potentially beneficial substance as they did with theirs.

On the other hand… there’s a very few responses I am unfortunate enough to encounter which specifically strike my sarcastic nerve with their greatly varying degrees in their depth of vapidness ranging from fairly vapid to completely utter vapidness.

This particular person isn’t anywhere near the the worst of the worst, but I get so tired of people saying statements with that excuse they love to use to deny people’s validity on subjects that they feel as a personal attack on them that is just rhetorical non-sense and ridiculousness called “PC”.

Different points of view and opposing responses are definitely something I encourage and want, but simple-minded rhetoric used with redundancy throughout the American masses that lacks any substantially credible logic or substance, by no means whatsoever is a considerable argument point. Hell, I personally don’t even consider it a free-thought, but just another spokesperson in support for joining the mindlessly incapacitated to have everything thought out and decided for you in life.

They obviously struggle with being able to critically think and solve for themselves, so I figure responding with blatantly obvious sarcasm is the only hope they have to get the point. You can’t tell someone how to feel or what is or isn’t acceptable to perceive in subjective topics or situations. How shallow is that ?

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