Your letter to Mr.
Guy R. Aylward

He’s gone beyond immigration reform with things that he has said. At this point it feels intentional with what he does and says. Hilary and Trump had a good a friendship when he was aligned with Democrats and never said things this vapid or agreed with what he claims now.

I will laugh to no end if he is just doing all of this in the form of mockery and purposefully make an example of how bad we need to make vast improvements to American education. The idea he is doing it to get Hillary to win is viable, but I do not find any humor in that. Either way I see it all as an act of mocking his followers now and the faces of all those “spoken” minds, with their “validated” hate speech, will be a majestic site in their abundance of “Trump 2016" attire.

At first yeah I could believe he would say some of vapid remarks knowing his self-inflated personality. Not even Trump can truly be as despicable and have perspectives or speak with that tremendous shallow depth of thought. He’s take it to the extreme and end up having all his followers show their true barbaric ways with various acts of animalistic brutality.

It will be a like a widespread scenario like those two brothers that beat a sleeping homeless man, like so many of the typical white trash scum coming from every dirty crevasse, to show their support for Trump. They are another great reason for me to open carry for defense of such primitive behavior associated with their kind, who is the cesspool of foul stench for the rest of civilized society.

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