You liberals are all the same you can’t handle the truth some how the truth is racist….
Tj M

I am not a liberal and the truth is that someone like him focuses to criminalize and degrade poor people of color for selling a deadly addictive substance to make a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, but won’t say a word about the people who are making millions to billions of dollars by selling deadly addictive substances globally.

Tobacco, alcohol, fast-food, and pharmaceutical corporations sell products that can be just as or even more deadly or more addictive than many of the street drugs which also effects a far greater percentage of the population even beyond American borders.

There are far more people purchasing and abusing these “legal” substances while neither the distributor, seller, nor the addict are being as heavily scrutinized, criminalized, or publicly accepted to shoot and kill as enemies of America.

So for the middle to upper-class people that support this governor’s claim, why only outrage towards poor people who barely effect the lives of people outside of their own poor communities?

Why are they demonized as publicly enemies when compared to the highly wealthy people that are affecting a huge majority of the lives in middle-class America? How can they truly justify the criminalization of one and not the other?

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