The Dangerous Disconnect Between America and Its Military
Owen Ezell

I can’t understand those who want our military to go to war yet expect someone else to go fight it for them. Such disregard for human life and a complete lack of empathy is exactly what they express with that cowardice mentality.

If you’re not going to do the walk then sit the fuck down and don’t give the talk because you’re condemning others to death and even many more to a lifelong grievance. All while you stay home and enjoy the many freedoms you have as a civilian.

I understand that some people obviously can’t fight in combat for a variety of valid reasons, but if they believe in a certain war they should still at least be truly willing to go fight it if they could. I just find that so cowardice and arrogant beyond belief.

The pathetic part is I bet there are some of them who talk about patriotism and condemn people who don’t show “patriotic duty” (like Colin Kapernick). Society’s vultures.

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