Simple Definition of socialism
Jenn Serrurier

I don’t understand why it bares great difficulty to thoroughly understand an ideology before people begin arguing against it. It looks really sloppy and poorly thought out when people argue points that no one is even in favor of or attempting to do. That shows one’s ill-informed choice in sources of information or the lack of any prepared research.

I don’t know where people get such absurd ideas as to automatically assume that people want to enact the most radical forms of an ideology instead of actually reading or listening to the other’s sides perspective. People should know that political ideologies can be formed off of SOME principles of much older and radical ideologies. The parts of socialism that actually, can be led to communism, is in no way what modern socialist support or advocate for.

This why it’s called Democratic Socialism as it pertains to socialist ideologies, that intend to support a free democracy. Most modern day socialist (in America) feel it actually prevents tyrannical rule by using certain aspects of socialism that can be interwoven to coexist with our established foundation in capitalism. Doing so, is believed to balance out the amount of power corporations have over American’s way of life.

I don’t want any form of overgrown central power because I enjoy what freedoms I do have thanks to opposing powers keeping each other in check. I don’t think either ideology is good for America if either sides power is left unchallenged then we have governance represented with only a group who share identical motives and intrest. That leads to legislation with a singular agenda that will be unstoppable without a revolutionary war to overthrow them.

We of all people should KNOW about such problems leading to just that. That means more actively opening up to knowledge, so we can avoid foolishly repeating history. That can’t happen if people keep doing this which is merely to find anything they can to go against each other’s ideals purely out of spite.

This way of acting and thinking is and without a doubt will destroy our society. No, this is not just one side of society at fault for doing this. Just utter non-sensical bantering with no real goal other than to belittle all who think differently. Party politics are becoming cancerous for a critical thinking society to take hold.

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