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I remember meeting John Jaha and watching a Matt Stairs’ home-run blast fly over my bleacher level head and smash out the glass of the Coliseum’s Right Field Luxury Box Suite. Those being My most lucid images of my very first memories of this wild ride I’ve been on, since ‘97 as a child, called “The Evergreen Beane Dream” (a name which I personally dubbed myself).

The Coliseum was my second home during the spring and my first home during the summers from ‘97 through ‘06 (when my family and I moved away from The Bay to Arizona). I was and am so grateful that my mother and father were able to afford buying behind home plate plaza level season ticket seats.

I escaped life for those 9 years of hot-dog eatin’, crammed BART ride takin’, Beane sold the whole damn team again moment havin’ Green Collar Baseball. Blessed I was to witness the 50 games in our season ticket package plus another 15 or so games we went to either by luck, promotional deal, or spur of the moment decisions.

I could let loose at my overly run-down shanty baseball oasis. I was loud… WE were loud, hell we still are and always will be. Put 10,000 A’s fans into any coliseum and we can make it feel like it’s a packed crowd of 50–60 thousand fans.

Passion and deep loyalty to those who have worked tirelessly to give The Bay Area’s working class something to cheer about during those shortly lived rides of success in Oakland. Losing some of the players that we have has felt like a family member or close friend moving cross-country without even saying goodbye.

I stayed naively hopeful and faithful in good ‘ol Billy to eventually find “The Team” that hopefully consisted of a good 10–15 player core with a decent, but disposable supporting role of players around them.

That team that would become our modern baseball Dynasty like the one briefly experienced across the bay in recent years. 2012 comes along with no extra excitement or hopefulness. I for one, though, still had much eagerness as to see our future players develop, as excitement was found in even the slightest showing of a player’s skills improving, of what were considered mediocre players, that alone is enough to be happy for.

There was a lot to be happy for that year even if Verlander chewed us up and spit us out in which I nearly suffered multiple strokes watching it happen. The future was bright in Oakland. I really had my fucking hopes for this to be the “The Team”. 2013, what’s this?! Billy actually kept the majority of the team in Oakland? No damn prospect trading?! Is it happening?!

2014, holy… shit… they’re still here in Oakland no pieces missing (as they usually fall off a few pieces at a time each off-season). Beane, you are making every second of the past 15 or so years of defending you and your methods, worth every last… YOU FUCKING PRICK, BEANE!

He did it again in 2014 with that god-awful Lester trade. That was it for me… I never hated baseball and being an A’s fan until that day. I slowly witnessed it all unravel once more into being the same abusive cycle Beane takes us on.

To this day, I have no faith in Beane, no expectations, nor do I even care who guys or who stays. My passion has diminished immensely, but I am still along for the ride in this team wagon that is so beaten down and falling apart that it makes the Coliseum feel like a baseball palace in comparison (figuratively speaking).

I am ready to move on from Beane. It’s time.

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