Those who killed dozens of people in Islamist terrorist attacks came as legal or illegal migrants…

I totally understand the concern and serious threat posed by potential terrorist threats. I wouldn’t contest a rigorous yet reasonable immigration/refugee process. Yes, they in fact are refugees and many have suffered the most from the barbaric wrath of ISIS. What you’re insisting with the notion to basically “de-Muslimnize” all Muslim immigrants is a poorly reasoned “solution”. A huge part of radicalizing of young Islamist is the ostracizing and prejudice statements about their culture that constantly hear or read.

It makes terrorist recruiters task much easier by using it to build a strong resentment and eventually hatred with their own hateful rhetoric. You think that having to choose daily violence, torture, and death or forced to be stripped of their cultural identity is how to not grow resentment and alienation that breeds terrorism?

I loathe the “Hitler comparison”, actually I fucking hate it because it trivializes the actual atrocities he created, but holy shit that is the most comparable ideals to Hitler that I have actually seen. That form of ideology and societal reform has never been an effective long-lasting solution for any society in history.

Just take a step back and think about how many times has there been a culture that strictly forced another culture to conform to their ideal way of life. How successful was it in stopping all hate caused violence and bloodshed? How did the imposed cultural take to conforming? Did society become unified and more peaceful? Has it ever stopped cultural resentment even when stemming down generations ?

Alex, I will take “No” for $300 please.