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It’s hard to believe this whole story anymore. With people freaking out about Sweden, “The number of rapes have escalated so high from refugees!” Yes, the number of reported rapes increased drastically, but simple research into the issue shows the real story. One, Sweden passed new laws which vastly broadened what they consider to rape.

Their new laws claim rape took place if the suspect committed acts in which America considers to be just sexual harassment (groping etc.). Obviously, if America classified acts of sexual harassment under rape, then our rape numbers would skyrocket. Not only this, but they also stipulated that every account of rape is a separate case.

In America if someone is raped repetitively by the same person it is all considered as a single case. Sweden however takes count for every single time it happened even by the same perpetrator. Not saying that proves refugees aren’t committing rape, but it tells me that people are only reading bias news and jumping to conclusions.

That just sends up red flags as to the credibility of these stories if no one is willing to do simple research on all aspects of the story and not just feed their bias.

Just like that angry mob waiting for busses that began to “riot”. It was everywhere on bias pages, yet many of the Polish pages claimed it all to be a hoax. The person that wrote the story is a reality t.v. star in Poland and we should know how unstable they can be.

I mean, let alone they tend to be overdramatic and highly attention seeking. Also, it takes places for at least 45 mins., Yet there are no videos, photos, or any evidence that could have easily been attained. To top it all off the Italian Police stated that none of it happened and it must be some internet hoax as there were no issues while transporting the refugees.

Once again, overly rushed and biased information without taking the simple effort to read the entire situation instead of ones that agree with their point of view. Believing something true just because people want it to be true is absolutely fallacious logic and shows that these people have no real credible information or input to add to certain topics.

It happens from all political sides of the spectrum, so hopefully when I investigate further into this article it will not end up being like the others.l for the sake of moral honesty and personal integrity.

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