So what you are saying is that someone must meets all those reasons to be called fascists?
Ranpha Franboise

No, but one reason compared to 5–10 or up would make for a much stronger claim. Most people can have a trait associated with a psychopath, but if someone only exhibits one of fifty traits would you be convinced they are a psychopath? Compared to someone that exhibits 20 out 50 traits?

The major difference was, Carter still allowed Iranians who needed major medical treatment or were fleeing religious or social persecution into the U.S.

The other major difference was Carter made the sanctions to deny visas to Iranians as well as further trade, funding, etc.,etc., to put pressure on the Iranian government because they refused to accept the U.S. hostages from the embassy even though the militants said they’d let them go as long as Iranian government took them.

That’s a completely different situation with far different intentions and targets.

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