But all of them show him with his hands raised, walking back to the side of his truck, the article…
Sammy Johns

Not everyone is fully aware of how the intentions of their actions may be possible perceived in the moment especially when they are nervous and scared. He could have been trying to show or explain what his situation is with his truck or maybe wanting to show them his identification.

There was a helicopter flying above with the officer yelling and whatever other noise going on around the scene that could have made it difficult for him to understand and misinterpreted or misheard the officers commands. Maybe he was deaf or hard of hearing and was trying to show them something that would let them know he can’t hear them.

Unfortunately, he won’t be able to give his side of the story, so we have to wait until more information comes out about him. I certainly agree that it’s not a good move on his part or anyone’s, but I also understand that not everyone is use to having guns pointed at them and can make bad judgement calls in the fear of the moment.

I understand that goes both ways as well, but as you mentioned, the officer who tazed him was the one who obviously should have been handling the situation. Officer Shelby, in a literal and figurative sense, jumped the gun on using lethal force.

The man should have been subdued with minimal injury and had the chance to at least explain himself. This is the continuing issue at hand and it’s been too common.

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