Let’s see.
David Cearley

Oh yes, because they must be just like you. Obviously, there is not one single woman or man or both on Earth (which ever you prefer, I couldn’t care less) that you would not at least try to date even after going to your job and admiring your work then making plans to possibly give you a chance to advance your work skills and career you find out they don’t care about your work nor will you benefit from one second of the time spent on interaction that you devoted to this person.

Oh wait, but of course the actual prize in all of this is now you can date this new stranger because we are or should be lusting or falling for anyone who is interested in courting us. How could I forget such a valuable part of this no big deal situation. Certainly that’s the diamond in the rough here.

You know, because any stranger that raises my hopes for potentially helping me reach my life-long career aspirations , boost my confidence, motivate me to work even harder, and have me spend time away from bettering myself or my life just to find out I had no reason to feel or do any of this other than to cater to some strangers own personal desires and goals, is something that’s top on my list of important qualities for someone I want to potentially date.

Man, anyone blind enough to not see that gem and to even be annoyed, in the slightest, by any of this happening to them is just an overdramatic PC crybaby. None of this is a remotely sensible enough situation to justify feeling as a negative or uncomfortable thing. Call me and we can talk about a reasonably acceptable situation to be upset over when it escalates to him stalking you or slips a roofie in your drink then walks you out to his car after excusing the two of you to everyone in the way of your hastily exit by saying “sorry, they’ve had a bit too much to drink. Headed home early” before forcefully using you in pleasuring themselves sexually.

Probably will still be too “PC” for me even then, but I’ll give it a chance for you, David, to decide if I or someone actually encountered a bad enough time from being stalked or raped to be considered a victim or emotionally justified in their reaction to such experiences.

Of course because only PC people can’t comprehend that there’s a variation in the degree to which a person is or is not an acceptably real victim of rape, racism, prejudice, murder, oppression, or inhumane treatment.

Obviously, only people who have not experienced these things or has never intentionally caused those things directly upon someone, can properly judge what’s offensive and who actually suffers amongst the people who had such personal experiences.

Thank you so much, David, for remembering what and whose opinions matter on such issues as these. Thank you for showing me that I shouldn’t feel who or who not to be attracted to or even who I want to date because I shouldn’t care about my personal wants or desires.

I should only care how I should be catering to the wants and desires of harmless strangers, that I never have given any reasonable inclination of wanting a romantic relationship with, whether their desire is us dating them because they made the effort to unknowingly manipulate me into a first date or just want a harmless kiss.

I know you would date or kiss anyone not because you actually wanted to do so with them, but because they made the effort and it’s just a harmless gesture of saying thank you for desiring me other than desiring someone else.

Be thankful someone wants you regardless if it’s someone you find repulsive or not. I will always remember that you matter most David and I matter too just as long as you approve anything I do, think, or feel.

I should be more grateful for being able to have the the same equal importance and choice in life as you, that is after you officially validate my lifestyle, actions, behavior, feelings, and way of thought are up to par with your social standards.

I am your anti-PC black friend scapegoat for life, David! I’ll make sure to stay up to par with your social and cultural standards, so I don’t void my Visa as a legally verified accepted member of American society! Can’t wait to get home and put up my neighborhood watch sticker!


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