And what did you think BLM shouting “Pigs in a blanket, FRY ’em like Bacon” during supposedly…
tom paine

Ok, so you and your accompanied loved one should be stabbed now because you had it coming since a white person stabbed a couple because of race? That’s perfectly acceptable to you now? So, your whole family plus hundreds more should be lynched since they had it coming for years now after other white people went off lynching blacks before?

That’s justifiable vengeance right? You’re only justifying because of words said. So, I take that back if words justify stabbing then stabbing would justify you and your loved one having your limbs hacked? I can’t even imagine what horrors you think is ok to happen to your family due to the never fully avenged lynchings of blacks!

I don’t believe you comprehend justice or justified actions, but the sadder truth is the misery and anguish your life must be filled with to even be ok with such inhumane emotion. I will have hope for you, Tom.

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