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So why are we ok with white supremacist who believe that certain races should be “exterminated” that their “superior” race can benefit from? The ones who’ve attempted to take over innocent towns bringing turmoil, fear, and chaos as they plan to build a large white nationalist headquarters.

A headquarters that the call out for all white supremacist, especially those freed from prison in the future and all Aryan Brothers considered former felons, to be heavily encouraged to build a white supremacist’s haven and world capitol. You, to create a large stronghold and build their strength in every way.

Driven by an unfamiliar religion to the U.S. and a hatred deep enough to kill innocents who oppose their views. These guys whom mostly consists of Adolf Hitler supporters and would love nothing more to finish his work.

Only difference from ISIS (besides the obviously distinct cultural differences) is one group had a huge opportunity to take a great amount of power and the other patiently waits for their opportunity to rise to power. We just let these terrorists roam free as they consistently strive to make their beliefs the law of the land, these are American citizens not refugees.

White nationalist have more rights than someone else who fled their homes from the same exact type of violence that those white nationalist strive to have in their “race wars.”

I guess we hide it, label at those exercising free speech, yet many of those same people would be outraged at an American Muslim saying they know that the extermination of Christians will better our world.

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