Congrats to you.
Stefanie Williams

Thank you. Congrats on your success as well. I just try to be prepared for as many possible situations as I can I can’t stand the feeling of being helpless which will happen quite often if we allow ourselves in having too much reliance on technology, people, or anything else that is out of your control.

That will eventually just lead to complete mindlessness and that can lead to a lot of bad possibilities if we allow society to have others think for them or objects control their actions due to deep dependence. It’s awesome to see amazing women, like yourself, being independent and truly exemplifying actual feminism by working harder than most men I know in our generation.

Instead of expecting others to fix your problem YOU fixed your problem by defeating your obstacles. That deserves real respect and I love that there are people like you who represent our generation.

You’re a diamond in the rough as far as I have seen in our generation. Screw what any of those classmates or anyone says and keep your head high you deserve the pride.

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