Not flustered at all.

Thank you for this higher education based on rhetoric.

How do you gather personal identification is the same as religious identification? You’re poorly putting two separate issues together. Separation of church and state is still a thing, right? Because last time I checked no one needs IDs with their stated religion on it. Also, it’s not everyone’s religions, but only one specific religion. No, that is not the same as our personal identification.

I said I would trust them more? Could you please highlight that for me because I do not recall saying anything about trust. Rather, it is more impressive. I also don’t recall this emphasized exaggeration of “waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay” as you have put.

He obviously, must have gotten some facade of a tour if he could make a fairly racist remark such as that without realizing how that is absolutely disgraceful commentary. I don’t care about deportation in general as I am for far stricter border laws and enforcement, but there’s a difference between tougher immigration laws and just wanting to demean an entire culture.

You remember what this article is about right? You wanted to change the subject, but it wasn’t random that I responded as I previously stated my reasoning. I have no idea where you are getting this false sense of me trying to attack your decision for a candidate.

You asked if there was anything else besides his linguistics to talk about. I obliged with my other thoughts just as a discussion and you have been on the defensive trying to belittle my knowledge as if you take your opinions as fact. There are facts within our opinions, but we are still talking about overall personal opinions not credible knowledge.

I am sorry, I did not know that it is wrong to not like any viable candidates. You really feel it is necessary to berate someone for opting to use their free-thinking freedom and not be in a majority agreement with any of the actual few choices given?

I do not understand your point in your last paragraph. It is very vague to which aspect of my statement that you are referring to when you say “of course he will” if to agree to him shutting down all his business? If you are agreeing that Trump would keep his business’ going then your last few statements make no sense. How does the issue of Trump keeping his business’ up and running, through presidency, have any relevance to my education, the electoral process, or the fact anyone thinks presidents must forfeit all of their assests to the government.

I will assume that you either wrote out your statement wrong or you have confused the intent of my statement. Either way, I am just glad you are one of the better Trump supporters and not ,one of the few, thugs who savagely beat opponents. Not that I would need to fear my safety if you were, but it is nice that you don’t resort to undignified slurs or violent rage as to not support the stereotype.

Honestly, I understand people have different views and will vote for the candidate most aligned with their own. No one can be wrong at this point and I can’t define which candidates views and valued policies are wrong or right. The one actual puzzling thing about Trump supporters to me is why is there no doubt to his intentions?

I mean, does no one question his credibility in his intentions when he has flipped most of his previous views, was a former democrat, praised Obama’s presidency, and was/is a good friend of Hillary Clinton? I have heard nothing of what he speaks of today in the past 10 or so years that I have been following a greater gist of his stated views and ideals. I am truly skeptical of his intentions and people’s unwavering devotion to him is the one thing I actually can’t understand if people have watched previous years of interviews. It is genuinely a question of mine with a purely curious intent for asking.

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