“#IllWalkWithYou: After Fatal Imam Shooting, People Offer To Walk Muslims To Mosque In Solidarity —…
Nelson Lentz

The Bible also states a few verses in which followers shall interact with non-believers, shall not be welcoming to any non-believers, and must preach their beliefs onto others until they are converted.

Welp, this must mean that all Christians and Muslims take every holy word or command literally and won’t tolerate our given liberty’s. Yep, every single one of them are following the words of their holy books exactly as it has told them to, so they are all stepping on our nations constitutional rights.

That means that we shall not care if any Christians or Muslims are being murdered because their religions are forcing all of them to not accept our individual liberties.

Those liberties that established our colonies in hopes for religious freedom from a nation forcing them to convert. These established colonies united later on, in which, many men died to create this new united nation that was to be based on individual liberties including religious freedom.

That’s right, every single Christian and Muslim is against America and all that it stands for because it says so in their own holy books.

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