Disagree. First off, it’s not about preventing.
CJ Louis

The problem with this is a lot of how we observe recent culture is not always how it was nor are all seen cultural practices purely original to all the more modern cultures.

Cultures have mixed a lot, but it’s more subtle or smaller aspects that have mixed. Spaghetti is claimed to be from China by many, but heavily associated with Italy.

Should we start protesting all Italian restaurants? Or pizza shops around America which took the idea from Italy and made it their own which is unauthentic, right? What about dreadlocks?

The first reported people to have had dreadlocked hair was the Greeks and even before Rastafarian’s began dreading their hair, many Indians had dreadlocked hair as a part of spiritual traditions throughout India.

Most black people who wear dreadlocks today don’t even do it for the same cultural reasons as the most Iconic figure in modern day to sport dreads, Bob Marley. So that would make many blacks guilty of misrepresenting a culture.

I understand the backlash towards people who really do misrepresent cultures or ethnicities in a purposely demeaning and derogatory sense. Black face back in the early 1900's was definitely wrong and deserving of backlash, but some cases today do not have the same intended purposes to demean blacks.

Like the child who was genuinely excited to be MLK and portray him as one of the great leaders of our civil rights movement which she idolized as such. Wanting to really get into character she painted her white skin brown and did so with no intention of making a mockery of blacks or MLK. The national backlash and personal punishment she received for doing so, was the only things that made her actions racist.

The kids in her class probably didn’t even know what black face let alone to see it as black being different or that it could be used to make fun of black people. I am sure most of them do now and now they have the knowledge to do such a horrid thing, if in their immature adolescent minds, towards fellow black students out of anger or such.

Society made that situation racist and gave small children the knowledge of racial differences and a tactic to enforce that prejudice ideal. Blacks don’t see Indians or Greeks belittle black people’s moral integrity when they have dreadlocks.

So, what makes it ok for one group to cut down another group for doing the same thing they, the accusers, are doing as well?

Who said blacks had the rights to that cultural aspect?

let alone who is sporting actual dreadlocks for prejudice reasons which the intended purpose is to ostracize and belittle an entire culture?

I can’t support the hate for Bieber’s dreadlocks even though I greatly despise Justin Bieber and would love to see him be cut down to size for his ignorant and arrogant actions.

We as a society need to cool off and look at the whole picture before jumping to the conclusion that there is social injustice happening in every case.