Well, this sounds like a typically business experience.

There is a difference between earning and entitlement. I can not say in this personal case that she earned any promotion, but there are employees who have definitely earned their stripes. For a company to treat hard-working employees with this mentality of “no one deserves anything” is pretty damn stupid on their behalf.

If a company treats their most efficient and productive employees like they’re some entitled little snot-nosed brat, then to hell with them and their “profits”. Any and every productive hardworking employee needs to quit and speak up if their company tells them this “no one owes you anything” BS after they’ve working there for a few years or plus with no raise or promotion.

Go ahead enjoy all the lazy, careless, and unreliable employees that you’ll have to constantly keep taking valuable time training new ones because of high turn-over rates. Enjoy constant money loss from incompetent employees ruining merchandise, angering costumers who leave and never come back, and incompetent employees committing major time fraud (hence the high turnover rate).

That is exactly why employees are every-bit deserving, if they’ve earned their keep, because without them you’re stuck with incompetent employees. There are so many mutual benefits for promoting and giving employees what they have earned. So, never settle for these scumbag greed hog corporations who treat you like some mindless 1920's factory worker.

Get what you’ve earned in life regardless of who stands in your way, but don’t expect anything more in return than what you have given others. If you give more than what is returned to you, then don’t hesitate to cut ties.

Also, don’t ever be afraid to stand up for yourself because you’re the wolf and they’re the sheep in wolves clothing. No matter who they are, screw any lame excuse of a company who doesn’t judge/see your worth based solely on genuine hard-work and efficient productivity.

With implementing poor logic like “deserving is a delusion” you’ve indirectly made other claims that use your same logical reasoning. Claims such as companies don’t deserve profits, college degrees don’t deserve better pay neither does experience, and companies sure as hell don’t deserve employees who provide efficient production.

Let’s just rid ourselves of the word deserve altogether because you don’t deserve anything you own. I know your worth and the work you do is only worth minimum wage. Yeah, you’re worth 8 bucks at most.

Yeah, that’s a great way to keep employee morale up, right? Don’t you feel so appreciative for me giving you your actual worth? You should be happy that I actually find you to be of any worth!

Happy employees can definitely raise profits, but having millions or billions of dollars is just sickening to me. What so I can buy objects to show the world my self-worth? I would much rather use it to give back to my employees, so they will want to keep working for me. I would want to have a small yet efficient work force that costumers can get to know and love which will be brining costumer loyalty and free advertising/reviews.

As long as I have enough money to live comfortably my employees deserve that to a certain degree as well. I am not some money-crazed savage who needs to prove a point to the world that I am not a “poor” loser. Sad state of affairs for those who do need money to prove self-worth or even more pathetically, they need it to be happy in life. Pitiful existence.