Hmmm…perhaps if they actually took advantage of their FREE education, tried to better themselves…

This is a far too simplistic view on it. Obviously, there is far more to the problem because there would not be a problem if the solution were as simple as you described.

There is no advantage to inner-city or backwoods schools. Rural white youth and inner-city black youth both lack ambition in large part for the major lack in proper education . It’s quite obvious to anyone, after seeing these schools first-hand, that these schools have very little to offer students for a real chance at academic success.

Along with blacks, the whites, and asians also weigh heavily into welfare. According to the most recent census, 40% of welfare recipients are either working or retired and children under 18 are the largest age group of recipients. There was also a distinct pattern showing less recipients the higher the education (should be obvious). Another reason to focus on bettering education. I do believe there needs to be an over-haul in the welfare program in which the basic function should be a temporary aid that has requirements which help better educate and encourages independent living stability.

I too grew up poor, but I was privileged with a great education. There were some real moments of true despair growing up, but I will not compare it to the purely destitute lifestyle I had actually witnessed throughout inner-cities and throughout the rural south. Far more challenging obstacles than I ever came across, fortunately.

If education and welfare reform, as I previously stated, ever do happen then the inner-cities will have a fighting chance, but it will be on the older generations to push the importance of education and financial stability. They have to drive the future generations in a far better direction. They must empower self-reliance and the ideal of a community, so their neighborhoods become independent and stabilized economies. Also, a most do is to purchase weapons legally, so they can ensure the safety and sanctity of their communities.