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This is true and false rape accusations are a problem as I have had a friend fight for his innocence for several years to wipe his name of the sex offenders list which certain watchdog groups still have their own list with him still on it. I personally didn’t get involved in the case or even try to judge his innocence or guilt in the case.

Yes, he was one of the few popular guys that publicly spoke about and acted with great respect towards women. No, that doesn’t mean he’s innocent or incapable of committing a sexual assault of a woman. I wanted to believe his innocence, but told him if he’s lying about it straight to my face about such a thing that I would cease to exist in his life.

I reiterated how wrong and how it will cause a severely painful and damaging lifelong memory and scar on any victim of sexual assault. I wanted to make sure he felt every ounce of guilt if he truly did it in hopes it would break into a confession. He never did nor did his attitude or demeanor change, and most peculiar, he didn’t try to victim blame or play down sexual assaults and was very supportive and empathetic to the victims of sexual assaults when brought up. He could be pulling off a superb acting job though.

It was later proven that the girl had actually mistaken him with the actual attacker when the only witness step forward to after realizing he was very wrong for ever defending his “friend” and letting an innocent man take the fall.

My friend held no resentment to rape victims, women, or even the Justice system for what happened and told me that this should never take away from any woman’s story claiming rape because the amount of injustice we (men) have had to endure from false accusations doesn’t even make a page in the injustices women have or still endure today when it comes to rape.

That has made such a huge difference in how I perceive various things life in general. No, it doesn’t excuse women or men to falsify rape accusations nor make it any less serious than it should be. It’s just to look at the bigger and not to lose sight of things and make other’s suffer injustice just because you have.

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