“Of course smart journalists are going to focus on the side of the political circus that is…
Jordan Tuchman

Um, biased towards what exactly?

Where did I specifically say WIB was not anti-Trump? I don’t know what WIB is for sure. My point wasn’t about being anti-Trump, but the fact they aren’t completely one-sided in the article.

They choose a very hot topic issue and person to write about in which they did provide some balanced view about the Trump/Russia issue. You can’t say they’re just writing pro-Hillary/anti-Trump propaganda to make Hillary look better either if you read the whole the article.

So, even if they themselves are anti-Trump, they have no clear bias motive to be which would mean they established this view solely based on Trump and his actions. This site is non-profit, so they aren’t doing it to get “likes” or ad revenue, well at-least directly because maybe they make ad revenue on their own site/s which they advertise in their Medium articles.

That’s a bit of a stretch, but could be credible evidence in an argument for them being bias. Surely, not sufficient enough evidence to prove bias on that alone.

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