The Refugees Next Door
Clara BIJL

Wait, what are they thinking allowing such a threat to our communitya ?! We are the victims here! A refugee could never feel the the fear we go through everyday wondering if terrorist are going to blow our houses up!
So fearful for our lives as we overstuff ourselves with food, laid back in our la-z-boys, while we watch our favorite television shows! They know of no true “struggles” that we consistently face! The struggle of having to pay for our small 1200 sq. ft. shelter, for our base model vehicle that doesn’t even have built in GPS, and the struggle of a kitchen full of off-brand food that adequately prevents our starvation.
Must we forget the tens to dozens of dollars in monthly payments for having, the absolute necessity, of items that only provide hours of entertainment? Items that gives us our dire needs for relief from the horrors of being bored. Boredom, mind you, is a crippling disease that leaves us defenseless in the ability to distract our overly rational fearful thoughts of a refugee terrorist attacking us!
I work long and hard hours just to live a miserable life of enduring all these tremendous struggles. On top of struggling in owning more material items than the majority of the world’s population does, we are now victims of being terrorized by the fear of the very likely chance that these three refugees might be one of the 0.0019% ,out of the 1.7 billion muslims, that are in fact ISIS terrorist!
Why must we continue to suffer so greatly as they finally live a life of comfort in a home infested with feelings of care and sympathy. This is the misery we must live in all due to having a muslim president! Oh wait until Barbra gets home and hears of this!!!
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