I have to read into it because you clearly are unwilling to say what you mean.
Modern Heresy

Well, I apologize if it was vague as many have been able to openly contemplate and attempt to skeptically broaden their view with the simple notions or examples I have given them before as it’s shallow of me to not to go in-depth just in case there are those who may struggle with the concept.

Unfortunately, I am not going to spend time explaining to those who aren’t here to discuss, but to just seek in attempting to mock or belittle people. If this is something that you enjoy or makes you feel good then by all means don’t stop, I’d rather it be me than someone else. Just keep writing responses at my expense, honestly. I have no problem with that if it’s something that actually makes you feel better in life. Does no harm to me.

Enjoy it, as for myself it’s not on my list of enjoyments, so if someone is going to be defensive minded rather than be a critical thinker then they will fail to actually attempt to engage an issue from all sides (let alone have the ability to conduct a discussion with any serious decency). No worries, if that’s how you feel about the discussion then just be honest with yourself. I don’t need to know nor would it matter to me either way. As for myself…

Not my scene, so I’d rather not engage in a online session of back and forth attempts of belittlement and let you have this one. Seriously, enjoy it it’s on me. I wish no ill ever upon you and I truly hope you live a full life with an abundance of received love and happiness from those around you.

Also, if we ever are to meet I would love to buy you a round (or whatever refreshments you enjoy) and hopefully by then we can have a respectable and fulfilling conversation. So if you see my fairly large framed goofy looking self aimlessly walking the street someday please stop me if you’re ready for that discussion. Until then the best of luck to you, Sir or Mam.

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