The red cross estimates that 40% of people living in poverty experience trauma and ptsd.
Zach Stone

Well, perhaps I do, but I personally know only one person that has been clinically diagnosed with PTSD. I only know a couple of people who have had drug problems (at least that have openly shared so).

I do have a few buddies that were EMTs and are now Firefighters and one of them could very well have PTSD from a car accident they responded to which (as he described more in-depth) was a very graphic scene.

I can’t think of anyone else at the top of my head that has had a well known serious traumatic incident or that seems to be mentally and emotionally affected by something in an on-going circumstance. I wouldn’t deny that there may in fact be more people that I know personally that are truly affected by PTSD and just haven’t gone to seek help or get a diagnosis.

I appreciate people like yourself who have endured such trauma in the efforts of saving people’s lives or doing everything you can to help people in our communities during dire situations, in one way or another.