My college professor brought up the topic of gun laws in class once and basically asked for…
Abigail Bae (Hecht)

Well, that is not solely true. Mexico forbids guns and have more amount of gun violence than America. The UK is isolated and much smaller than the US also the quickest way in to the UK is the most guarded area in the channel. On Top of that there is no viable gun smuggling countries nearby for most European countries.


So we ban guns here and Powerful criminal organizations (possibly further down than Mexico) can still smuggle guns in to gangs or whom ever in the criminal world.

We’re not always in the same position as Europeans and have various differences that are fairly large in how they differ as well, such as the border. This does not allow a viable comparison to Europe until All smuggling ceases to exist. Betting oh how the prohibition and war on drugs went then banning guns may be a huge bloody “backfire”. Maybe numerous lives taken because their defense was taken.

Being a bystander in the mist of bullets twice had me paranoid and anxious in public where I would think of different hiding spots around me and become worrisome of my loved ones nearby. I took multiple classes and spent hours in the range before purchasing the gun I carry now because feeling helpless is a feeling I despise. No one ever knows it’s on me as I respect others discomfort being near guns. Even though, the majority of the town carries.

I don’t shove my beliefs in guns into anyones face, nor are they toys, or some use guns for childish source of manhood\pride. It will never even be known to exist unless needed as last resort, but I will not hesitate if a gun is pointed at innocent people or loved ones. I feel humans have a right of survival and be allowed the possibility to choose fight or flight. Never will I consider a TRUE act of defense as murder.

As for your classmate, he sounds quite irrational and far too emotional to discuss topics of controversy with a respectable manner as such an adult. Logical reasoning is needed for such topics too.