These people are going to cause a Civil War…with Obama’s help. I guess that’s what they WANT.

Well, that’s usually what happens when people receive a poor education and get tired of receiving very little chance’s, if any, to live a normal life like others. They get angry and do not know how to properly channel it for effective use or express their anger in a productive manner. Eventually they realize violence results in mass media coverage and is the quickest way to get people’s attention. Just as it has always been. It is now a growing issue since the internet is so easily accessible and mass communication is in your pocket just a few clicks away from being able to connect with millions. Now, people can witness anything coast to coast and band up together, which is not always a good thing. As we can tell from the opposite ends of the spectrum of the poorly educated (Detroit to rural Alabama etc.). Then you have the media just instigating it and people who don’t realize otherwise. Causing pointless paranoia and anger which deter focus from real issues. Same old; same old.

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