Sounds like you’re prepared to challenge minds, and grow with the people around you.
Optimistic Skeptic

What I strive for all American’s to do is for us to challenge each other’s ideologies and perspectives as a society strictly for the purpose of bettering all of society. Without animosity and with the aptitude of a critical thinker. That’s mainly why I use social platforms like this and not dreaded facebook where I am just replied to with slurs and other’s perceived level of my intelligence.

That’s really awesome you volunteer! That is really what makes a nation strong to have communities working together and building a foundation for education and economies to grow within. Relying less on one entity for support, the power can spread more evenly all the way down to each individual because then we will only need to rely on ourselves for the most part.

I always think to myself, why is everyone complaining and depending on local or federal politicians to fix their own way of life? Why not fix our way of living in the community ourselves? Bad roads? Well, people with any experience in street construction should volunteer to fix it and teach other volunteers. What about those who don’t want to or can’t volunteer? Easy, they can provide the necessary funding for all the required items.

Of course that is a far far away fantasyland I dream of, but I am still hopeful for the majority of Americans to just volunteer and work together as communities. For us to be able to solve the issues that we are capable of solving as individual communities. So hopefully, there’d be less divided and high-heated national debates about how politicians should or specific political ideologies will fix the problems we see in our society.

Which would hopefully happen because the majority of most individual communities already agree on what work’s to fix their community. That obviously varies throughout each American community as “one size fits all” types of solutions don’t always work.

We can experience for ourselves what truly works and what doesn’t. Once it’s figured out, then when can have nationwide discussions showcasing actual results. Thus, we prove how certain types of communities can be successful when implementing certain methods and ideologies to specific issues without much of the present level of tension experienced today.

Even the most indifferent types of Americans can feel more like allies and not personal enemies as our understanding and tolerance for differing communities is strengthened. Uniting us all as we find unique ways to better ourselves and our communities in order to better America as a whole.

Just anything, but this ever growing divide caused by what seems to be egos that can accept anything that is indifferent and also our many biased media sources. Each one of us, no matter who, has some flawed or non-universal perspectives or ideologies about certain issues. It’s ok to accept our personal ignorance, on specific issues or perceptions, without hurting our pride as long as we also enlighten ourselves to the actual reality and truth of them.

You seem like the person whom I hope more Americans aspire to be like in your sense of logical reasoning, communication skills, and dedication to bettering your community. I have the upmost respect for someone like that no matter our differences or similarities because that shouldn’t matter.

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