Well, there was a recent article (sorry, I can’t find it but there are many like it out there; just…
Karen Spence

  • White privilege isn’t about financial success or any kind of success. White privilege is turning on the t.v. and having all, but one channel, full of shows that were created based around the ideals, perspectives, and distinct culture of white Americans.
  • Having a token black in a show isn’t diversity because they themselves act like they too are white and play a role that no one in the black communities relate to or find entertaining. Why do you think BET was created? So blacks could have one channel that actually relates to their lives and their culture. Some white Americans don’t understand the cultural gap in the two communities that they think their way of life and values is what makes a normal, so black people just being themselves is not “normal” for many Americans and they can’t comprehend that there are diffrent ways of life that have different ideals of normal. That alone means American’s ideal of normal is not normal to all and it lacks all communities input what is “normal” to even really deem any of it as “American”.
  • The problem is that anything that represents Black culture has consciously or unconsciously been put into our heads to think is “dirty”, “ghetto”, and most of all beneath white culture. What makes a black man respectable?
  • Change your your normal everyday appearance, no black styled hair and only wear white fashion, don’t speak with an ebonic accent, and make sure your mannerisms are those shared in white communities, the whiter you act the more a black person is viewed as “ normal” and is not a “thug.”
  • If a white kid dresses, acts, or partakes in events that are seen as part of the black culture they will be frowned up as they are being deemed a “wigger” by peers then made fun of because black culture and their way of life has been made into a mockery in America. White American culture has been set as the standard way for Americans to live their lives and conduct themselves as human beings.
  • I am not talking about the black culture the media overly emphasizes full of drugs,Violence or any other negative part of living life in the inner-city. I am talking about parts of the black culture that has nothing wrong with it is and is constantly ostracized because blacks are not accepted as social equals.
  • I am sure many white Americans have sub-conscious thoughts about it. Sub-consciously, while passing that black woman on the phone who talks funny a subtle feeling of extreme self-worth in yourself and a sense of being an advanced member of society.
  • Millions of of people speak with accents, yet blacks seem to be the ones whose accent is somehow not ok to speak with and is directed linked to being ignorant or a “nigger like.” Yet everyone has a blast listening to Larry the cable guy. The fact that white people are able to live freely
  • in their culture and the rest of our society is expected to be functioning solely around whites way of life an culture. That is white privilege.
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