. If only he cared enough to take a knee to protest the democrats’ constant refusal to deal with…

Yeah, the majority of whites who are murdered are done so by the hands of a white person. You know, because most homicides happen due to personal conflict amongst peers or relatives and there’s not a large mixture of close relationships between blacks and whites. What does that have to do with a much larger percent of unarmed blacks being killed by the police?

That seems to be a pointless thing to bring up given the actual subject of the issue and ripe with fallacious reasoning as a weak rhetorical device in attempt to discredit black Americans. Frankly, I thought that was left back on facebook with the overgrown children who debate with vapid memes and dogmatic drivel that consist of witless phrases focused on fecal matter like “repubturds” or “libturds.”

We should let that part of society stay there and countlessly regurgitate and robotically reiterate their arguments from recycled 3 year old facebook memes. Sound logic is much more preferred elsewhere.

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